April Kelly

I've been going here once a month for over 15 years. They are always friendly and helpful. They have a good selection and great customer service. Their prices are good and their feed is fresh.

Nik Weber

Always very helpful and excellent customer service.

Marilyn Schmidt

Been going to Wilbur's Feed Store since the 70's. The clerk's are helpful! Store is clean and beat prices on bird food and supplies! Get work meds and shots for my dogs. I rate it 5 star!

DIANE Poundstone

The staff is always knowledgable and helpful. They give personalized attention. The prices are competitive.

Mona Bard

I am from Chico but now am 3 years new to Maine. I LOVED Wilburs. We don't have a feed store here and I totally miss it.  They were great!!

Erin Dewell

Helpful staff, courteous and a great supporter of the community.

Wendy Kelly Budd

Friendly folks, great prices.

Leeanne Kimrey

Best place in Chico for farm animal supplies

Jeromy Goff

Awesome store, very friendly and helpful staff.

Laci Ping

Love this place they have a great reputation! Great place to get vaccines for your own animals, great deals on feed, & they have baby CHICKS sold singularly....

Marcy Storm

Wilbur's has fresh eggs and plenty of veggies to plant. What a refreshing store!

Lynn McEnespy

Great service, friendly, helpful guys!

Nadine Cox

Another great chico feed store. During the season they have chick's and ducklings. 

Jerry Wood

Great place!